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Tyler Baltierra: Welp, I’m Never Having a Son, So I Guess I’ll Get a Vasectomy!

All gender reveal parties were sort of sad during the pandemic, but Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra’s might have been the most depressing of them all.

With no guests present, the couple groaned as a swirl of pink confetti delivered the news that Catelynn was pregnant with yet another girl.

“It’s another girl,” Lowell sighed before weeping gently.

Now, it’s a little weird to see parents so obsessed with their kids’ gender in 2021, but to be fair, it seems that the Baltierra’s disappointment was at least partially tongue-in-cheek.

A few months later, Lowell gave birth to daughter Rya, and she and Tyler seemed as overjoyed as they did with the arrival of their previous daughters.

And they’ve since come to terms with the fact that having a son simply isn’t in the cards for them.

In fact, it seems Tyler has really embraced that fact by scheduling a vasectomy.

Vasectomy Guy

Earlier this week Detroit-based radio DJ Mike Aguilar posted a photo of himself wearing a t-shirt that read:

“Snip snip, hooray!”

“We haven’t even officially decided yet, but I feel like Ali jumped the gun or has been preparing for this…” Aguilar captioned the post.

This prompted Tyler to comment with some news about his own plans for a snipping.

“Duuuudeee I feel you lol my appointment is in a couple weeks but I can’t wait for it, I’m so excited hahaha!” he commented.

Normally, Teen Mom OG stars are encouraged by producers to save major revelations about their lives for the times when they’re on camera.

But Tyler probably won’t get much guff from his bosses for this one.

That’s because the news that he’s getting a vasectomy comes as no surprise to fans.

On Tuesday’s episode of TMOG, Tyler planned a babymoon “staycation” surprise for Catelynn.

While discussing his arrangements during a phone call with his mother, Tyler confirmed that he and Catelynn will not be welcoming any more little ones.

“It’s the last time she’s ever going to be pregnant, so…” Tyler said of the need to make the occasion special.

While we’re sure Tyler and Catelynn were sincere in their desire to raise a boy, it also seems as though Baltierra’s disappointment over living in a house full of women is more of a running joke than anything else.

Shortly before Rya was born, Tyler confirmed that he and Catelynn are thrilled by the prospect of welcoming another child, and any angst they might have experienced over not having a boy was fleeting.

“All in all we are just excited to be completing our family regardless of the gender,” Baltierra wrote on Instagram.

These days, Lowell and Baltierra are loving every second with their “rainbow baby” (so named because she arrived after Catelynn suffered a miscarriage), and we’re sure they wouldn’t change a thing.

And so, Tyler is taking steps to ensure that the Baltierra clan won’t be further expanding anytime soon.

Probably a smart move.

After all, he and Catelynn already have plenty on their plates.

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